Alexandra Bitton Bailey


Narrator & Scholar

Alexandra is a French Moroccan audiobook narrator. She has been a professor of French, humanities, and pedagogy for over 25 years. Her love for teaching and learning led her to a career as a faculty educator at the University of Florida Center for Teaching Excellence. Being a “super nerd,” she loves doing research and enjoys using her linguistics background and fluency in both French and English to give stories an authentic flair. 

Alexandra grew up in Montreal where she attended an all-girls catholic school, La Villa, as the only French-Moroccan-Jewish-hippy. There she discovered a love of books and theater. Books became dear friends and the characters took life in her wild imagination. She believes that each page has the potential to bloom into new ideas, blossom into new worlds, and harvest an endless sense of wonder.

Alexandra has a voice like decadent caramel, living at the intersection of whimsy and dark academia. Her voice is rich and sultry, her cadence soothing and joyful. She loves to narrate historical fiction, mémoires, romance, comedy, and fantasy, and her background as a scholar translates well to narrating non-fiction.

As a mother to her own super sized Brady Bunch and a lifelong fan of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s work, she embraces the little joys and bends in the road every new day brings. When she’s not hanging out with family and friends you can find her in her garden, on a trail, or kayaking a river.

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