Alexandra has an in home recording booth. She uses a Rode microphone and a Scarlett Focusrite 2i2.


Narrator & Scholar

Alexandra is a French Moroccan audiobook narrator. She has been a professor of French, humanities, and pedagogy for over 25 years. Her love for teaching and learning led her to a career as a faculty educator at the University of Florida Center for Teaching Excellence. Being a “super nerd,” she loves doing research and enjoys using her linguistics background and fluency in both French and English to give stories an authentic flair.


silhouette of man near railing
COZY mystery 
  • 1 older female voice & 1 middle aged female voice
kids running from sea waves on coast
non-fiction Self-Help Parenting
brother and sister reading a book together
  • 1 elderly female voice
Modern Humorous Memoire
  • 1 male voice & 1 female voice
  • French & English
YA Fantasy
  • female magical creature
French Short Story


  • French & Canadian French (fluent)
  • English (fluent)
  • Spanish (comfortable)


  • Mémoires
  • Historical & general fiction
  • Science fiction & fantasy
  • Romance
  • Non-fiction


  • American & Southern American
  • French
  • Canadian French & Canadian English
  • English


  • Romance language linguistic
  • Higher education
  • Law
  • Library & information science
  • Pottery & painting
  • Culinary arts

As I listened to the book, I enjoyed her gentle tone of humor as she conveyed each character and kept the story moving. From beginning to end, she made me feel as if I were a friend with whom she was sharing her fun and delight — even in the midst of murder and mayhem.